Getting Started with Glyph Scripting

Getting Started with Glyph Scripting

Pointwise's scripting language, Glyph, enables customization of the meshing process and fully automatic mesh generation. This webinar will help you uncover the power of scripting by introducing the syntax, our best practices, and references. We have picked an application that can benefit from Glyph and will demonstrate the entire scripting process.

Topics covered in this short course include:

  • How to identify a scriptable problem
  • Tcl and Glyph syntax introduction and where to find documentation
  • Improve scripting efficiency by journaling and echoing Glyph commands
  • Parameterizing key meshing variables through a script


Travis Carrigan, Pointwise, Inc.

Travis Carrigan

Pointwise, Inc.

Travis Carrigan joined Pointwise as a senior engineer after completing his M.S. in aerospace engineering at The University of Texas at Arlington in May 2011 where his graduate research involved aerodynamic design optimization. Currently, as Manager of Technical Sales, Mr. Carrigan works with prospective customers and demonstrates how Pointwise software can be used to improve their CFD process. He also produces technical marketing content and works with customers and software partners to demonstrate best practices in grid generation, solver setup, and solution post-processing for a variety of industries.