Advanced Structured Grid Techniques

Advanced Structured Grid Techniques

This webinar focuses on techniques for creating structured hexahedral grids with Pointwise. The relative merits of hexahedral versus tetrahedral elements on cell-centered finite volume simulations will be discussed, with special attention given to the sources and mitigation of numerical diffusion. After establishing the basic motivation for using hexahedral cells, we will introduce several topologies that improve the resulting cell quality for realistic, irregularly shaped regions, including tips for conceptualizing candidate topologies. Also, we will introduce several tools within Pointwise and some Glyph scripts designed to expedite the process of generating topologies in 2-D and 3-D.

John Rhoads, Pointwise, Inc.

John Rhoads

Pointwise, Inc.

John Rhoads completed his Ph.D. in plasma physics at Princeton University in 2013 and joined the Pointwise staff as senior engineer on the Sales and Marketing Team. Dr. Rhoads' dissertation topic was “Experimental Study of Magnetohydrodynamic Effects and Heat Transfer in Free-Surface, Flowing Liquid Metal.” Dr. Rhoads earned an M.A. in astrophysics from Princeton in 2009 and B.S. degrees in physics, engineering and mathematics from Texas Christian University in 2007.