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20 August 2019
This Week at Pointwise

High-Order Curved Meshes for More Accurate CFD Solutions

High-Order Curved Meshes for More Accurate CFD Solutions

Decrease memory and CPU needs, work on parallel computer clusters, and reduce file size

The traditional approach to increasing the fidelity of linear meshes has been to use bigger, faster computers; techniques such as vectorization, parallelization, and GPU solvers; and unstructured or hybrid grids to reduce grid points and file size. Unfortunately, this approach has reached its limits. There is not much more fidelity that can be squeezed out of linear meshes.

Put another way: you can only go so far with it.

But now, Pointwise has released the first commercial CFD mesher to generate high-order curved meshes for high Reynolds number flows. It works with today’s new high-order CFD solvers to yield the most accurate solutions possible. It also requires less memory and CPU time than existing methods, scales well on parallel computing clusters, and offers increased flexibility for mesh adaption to decrease grid points and file size.

Find out more about how the Pointwise high-order CFD mesher can help you do more in less time and fewer resources while lowering program uncertainty and expense.


High-Order Curved Meshes

Pointwise for Marine CFD Simulation Workshop

Increase Ship CFD Simulation Accuracy, Efficiency with Pointwise Meshing Flexibility

Pointwise for Marine Workshop • 12 November 2019

Pointwise is hosting the Pointwise for Marine CFD Simulation Workshop in Hamburg, Germany on 12 November 2019. In the workshop, we will conduct live, interactive demonstrations on how to increase ship CFD simulation accuracy and efficiency with meshing flexibility for the Potsdam Propeller and KCS ship hull test cases. We will also present technical background information about the how and why of the meshing techniques developed and honed with many years of experience in Pointwise. Attendees will also have the opportunity for one-to-one consultation with the presenters.

This event is free to attend, but registration is required. Attendees do not have to be customers of Pointwise.

Pointwise for Marine Workshop

Localized Remeshing Strategies

Localized Remeshing Strategies for Parametric Models in Pointwise

Spend more time analyzing results and less time meshing

Scientists and engineers frequently engage in studies involving parametric analysis models. These models are typically similar to each other with only slight variations in shape of the underlying CAD surfaces. Other times these models consist of several components or parts that can be mixed and matched in a variety of configurations. In either scenario, remeshing each individual configuration can be a time consuming and expensive task that inhibits the analysis’ scope. Furthermore, remeshing the entire configuration can cause changes in the analysis results due to global mesh differences and not just due to changes in the configuration.

In this video, we demonstrate a couple of different strategies users can leverage in Pointwise to limit changes to only those localized regions in their computational domain that have been modified from one configuration to the next helping them 

Watch Localized Remeshing Strategies


Delete All Control Points

#TutorialTuesday • 20 August 2019

Join us every Tuesday when we release a new YouTube video tutorial. Each three-minute video highlights a single feature or process in Pointwise.

In this video, we demonstrate the functionality enabling a user to delete all connector control points from the toolbar. This feature is useful when projecting connectors with a large dimension or controlling connector behavior between two smoothed structured domains.

Follow CFD Meshing on YouTube and @Pointwise and #TutorialTuesday on Twitter to learn something new every week.

Watch: Delete All Control Points

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