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Meshing Strategies for Propulsion Aerodynamics


Meshing remains somewhat of an art. Qualified engineers tend to spend an inordinate amount of time generating grids, while mathematicians focus on developing more advanced algorithms that may end up being tested on unsuitable meshes. Propulsion aerodynamics cases present a number of unique meshing challenges for CFD practitioners from capturing secondary flows in internal inlet passages to appropriately resolving shear layers and mixing phenomena in nozzle exhaust plumes.



Several meshing techniques and meshing best-practices have been developed while creating workshop-supplied meshes for the 3rd and 4th AIAA Propulsion Aerodynamics Workshops. These meshing strategies and lessons learned have been collected to help CFD practitioners gather experience meshing these types of challenging internal flow problems.



Discover meshing best-practices that can be applied across a wide variety of propulsion aerodynamics cases.


4th AIAA Propulsion Aerodynamics Workshop